07 April 2016

Writer problems

Over the last month, I've quit my day job abruptly, shelved a long project that went left instead of right, and made a shocking amount of progress on what I'm currently calling my ZomRomCom, a romantic comedy set in the zombie apocalypse. Maybe it's because the idea is so absurd or maybe it's just that most of the characters are based on actual people I know, but this project is moving at top speed.

This brings me to my problem... How do I sort of the mess that is my social media situation? I have several blogs that I rarely post on (that's an easy enough fix), a twitter account I use primarily for stalking celebrities who crack me up, and a facebook profile locked down on uber private for reasons. Do I build all new accounts? I'm not really sure.

So if anyone out there has suggestions I'll take them. In the meantime I guess I'll have to take baby steps, just as I do when building a story.

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