11 April 2016

Two wins, one loss

The only thing I ever wanted to be as a kid was a writer. But somehow during my 40 years on this rock, I let people tell me my writing was no good, it would never get published, I needed to worry about more practical things and put my writing aside as a childhood fantasy.

And like an idiot, I believed them. So while I never stopped writing, I never finished writing either. What I mean to say is that I started tons of projects but never completed them. I was always scribbling in a notebook, but never studying the craft to learn how to turn that folder of uncompleted stories into even one finished one. And let me tell you that folder is huge after all this time.

So apparently my version of the midlife crisis is to say, "screw that" and finally follow my dream. I still have to worry about practical things but I refuse to let my writing be someone else's childhood dream. It's my dream. My super, grown up dream.

This weekend I finished character charts for my current work in progress, and got my first rejection letter. Both of these things are wins because both are huge milestones for me. Character development is where I always fell apart in the past and the rejection means that I finally put my work out there. I win.

Now if only I could get these two to stop stealing my writing spot... You know what? That's a win, too. Kittehs!!

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