22 April 2016

Meet the ferals

I've had this saved as a draft post for two years. I'm really just publishing it for posterity, as they say. 

In the summer of 2013, I rented a trap from a local animal shelter to catch a mama cat and her only kitten. They were living under the foundation of a building in my apartment complex and I was worried our new landlord would seal them inside when they fixed the hole that allowed access to the space. 

This is Mama Mia. Unfortunately, it was not safe to release her back into the area where I found her after her spay at the feral cat coalition. I had two cats already, and though she had a room where she could be isolated from them, the stress of their smell, being indoors, and the surgical procedure contributed to her death mere days after this picture was taken. The vet estimated she was only about ten months old when she birthed her kitten. 

And this is Tigger, who is now almost three years old. Originally, I had planned to foster him for adoption but when his mother died, I couldn't help but keep him. He is a mama's boy through and through. He still spooks at sudden sounds. He loves every cat he meets but is terrified of new humans. He's so bow legged that he looks like a munchkin cat. I adore him so much I made him a Twitter account like a big dork. 

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