12 February 2009

Kitten Haikus

This is a series of haikus I wrote when Kiyoshi the Kitten first came to live with me.  Posted for posterity and my own amusement.

Short version of Yoshi’s background: I found him mewling in the bushes beneath my window when I overheard some children; “The cat is still here.  Do you still have that stick?”  No, I did not kill any minors that day. 


wiry, lithe kitten
planes and angles stretched out long
safe at last in laps

tummy rubs at dawn
golden eyes hypnotize me
in the palm of paws


exotic orphan
miniature perfection
tiniest whiskers

you stole it again
I can deny you nothing
that's my chair not yours


love the little mew
i could do lap time all day
but you need cat food

don't sad mew at me
if you want your chicken necks
i have to leave now


nooks, crannies for you
suddenly clutter is good
laundry mountains loom

don't worry kitten
the water will not hurt me
it's just a shower

stay away from there
the fishy* is not for you
you can't jump that high


don't eat so fast goob
the food is all for you now
take your time, that's gross


first bath 
I know this is lame
but you really need a bath
please get off my head

*The fishy in question passed away last week. He and Yoshi became good friends after Yoshi figured out he actually could jump that high. RIP Alpha.

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