15 October 2006


Sal had but one job.  And he did it well.  He only had to guard the main room while the boss took care of business.  Sal was charming, attractive, and generally considered a good catch amongst the ladies.  But when he was next to his weapon, it would be a mistake to take that gentility as a sign of weakness.  Go ahead.  Try to grab that gun...

Meanwhile Frnakie guarded the door.  He wasn't too bright.  But he could memorize a password.

Johnny was a newer member to the team.  Sal didn't know aht to make of him yet.  He was ambitious and talented.  No one could spot a sniper or hidden tail like he could.  But still something didn't set right with a man when they thought about Johnny.

Which, to be fair, could have a had more to do with Johnny's crazy sister Maria.   The boss was quite taken with her, his old lady not being around anymore.   But she was a religious freak, to say the least.  They'd all heard her speaking in toungues.  They all new she was trouble.  At least Sal knew. 

No good trying to tell the boss though.  That man made up his own mind...

...and the cat would be out of the bag soon enough.

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